Knitting Kneedles

Sunday, March 20, 2005


I have been messing around with this blog tonight, learning about how to use the templates and such. Lots of cussing and swearing, however not out loud. The only audience that got the brunt of this was my dear friend Lyssa. I can't say those words out loud for fear that my parrots ... er.... children will hear them and repeat them.

Anyway, I got it somewhat figured out and played around with it a little. I was able to post my picture for my profile and figured out how to remove the stupid "edit me" links that showed up on the side bar. So nothing mind blowing or anything, just that :)

I didn't finish any of my projects this weekend. I did try to start a new one though. I bought a sock pattern for women's socks, and some really pretty purple sock yarn. I played with it a while, then frogged it all and went back to making Yvette's baby's pants. Right now her baby has no name, so we call her Noname, which is pronounced No-nah-mee. :)