Knitting Kneedles

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Another sock!

Well, ALMOST another sock :) I just have to graft the toe. But I don't know 1) what grafting is yet and 2) how to do it. I figure when I get home from work I will figure it out and finish it :) Now the question. Do the socks match each other? Nope. The first sock I made goes to Jessica, my 4 year old. The 2nd sock I made is for my mother in law, who had a birthday this Monday. I'm always a day (or 10... or 20) late (and several dollars short). So anyway... I have a 4 year old sock and a not-4-year-old sock. When I was first knitting the MIL sock, I thought "Holy cow...this is huge!" I've been calling it the Hobbit Sock, since hobbits have huge feetsies. So I got to a "trying on" point and concluded that it is not a hobbit sock, but that it just looks big compared to the other one, which is small. I'm sad to give it away because I've fallen in love with it. I'll still call it the hobbit sock, because I think that's cute. Who cares that it's Lion Brand's pattern :)

Ok, enough babbling about the sock. I found another pattern today that I am looking forward to trying out. It's and looks really fun! I haven't used my looms in a while.. pretty much since I picked up needle knitting, so something new will be refreshing.

Tomorrow I start my new charity knitting group. Not sure how many of us there will be, I only know of myself and two others for sure. Hopefully it will grow as we do it more :) Baby hats, here we come! :)