Knitting Kneedles

Monday, May 30, 2005

I must say I LOVE KNITTING SOCKS! I don't know if it's the instant gratification, or the way the self striping or verigated yarns turn out, but there's definitely some seduction going on there. And who can turn away good seduction? :)

I've been working on my mother in law's socks, STILL. I had to do some frogging because I miscounted (even with my ka-cha clicker counter!) the rows. That threw me back a day and then I got so mad about it that I didn't even want to look at it for fear I would mess up again. But alas, I did pick it up again the next day and continued on, but slowly, for fear of another mishap. No pics of that one because I was too lazy to go upstairs and get it. However, I am also working on a sock for Niff, and it is just way too cute. Granted, it's not yarn that *I* would pick for socks, but what can you tell a two year old who wants pink and white socks and THIS YARN MOM! So we're making it of Sugar n Cream cotton. LOL! It actually knits up very pretty, I think, but the pattern I am using won't be of much help. It might be too small, in which case I will give them to my cutie patootie niece Vanessa, and knit Niff another pair, using a larger pattern. I do have a picture of that :)

Image hosted by

I have now learned the magic loop, which I've mentioned before I think. I'm not sure which I like more, the socks on 2 circs or the magic loop. Both of them are quite comfortable and easy for me, and both of them are MUCH preferred over the dpns, that's for dang sure. I guess the 2 circs would be most convenient for me since I'm not all that fond of the Addi's for some reason and they seem to be the only brand I can find in needles long enough to do the magic loop. Oh well, no biggie :)

I am also working on a baby hat for my charity project that we're doing at work. More people seem interested as they walk past us and see what we're doing. I hope that means they want to join us and not just say "hey that's cool will you teach me?"

In other news I signed up for SP5. Haven't heard back yet about my pal, but I'm not too worried, since she said it would be until just after the first that people could receive their info. I'm really excited about sending neat things to another person :) For some reason, I am more excited about that than actually receiving something hehehe. I love to shop for people and to find out what they like, and to be secretive about it just makes it even better!

The weather today is rotten. It was supposed to be 80 degrees outside, but IT'S FREAKING RAINING! Oh well. My bestest bud is here from Denver and we're going to go to his hotel and go swimming rather than swim outside. The kids have been really wanting to go swimming. So much so that they have been wearing their new bathing suits around like it's a second skin or something! LOL

Well, I'm off for now! Hope everyone has a great day and Happy Hollyday :)