Knitting Kneedles

Monday, May 23, 2005

Magic Loop

YAY! I learned it! AND ALL ON MY OWN! Well, for the most part anyway. Several months ago, I tried to do the magic loop following some instructions I had printed from the internet. Nothing was coming of it but many tears and much frustration. So I dubbed myself one "never able to do it." Then I learned to knit socks on 2 circs and then, yesterday, I was rethinking the whole magic loop system, which is knitting in the round on one, yes ONE, long circular needle. In my head, it was basically the same idea as doing it on 2 circs, so I transferred the idea from my head to my hands and IT WORKED! Too bad it worked too late. LOL. I went out and bought 3 new sets (meaning three sizes, two of each size) in circs. Now I have all these extra ones and I am going to see if I can either sell them to a friend who might want them, maybe keep them so I can use them for more than one project at a time (you can never have too many WIPS you know) or take them back if I can and exchange them for different sizes or something.

I finished Jessie's socks. They are adorable. The only problem? It's hotter than heck out now and there is NO WAY IN HADES that I am making the poor kid wear them just for my satisfaction. And the rate that she's growing, she'll never get to. So it looks like I'll just have to knit her another pair. Darn! *snaps fingers* My 2 year old is in the process of having new socks now too :) I have one on the needles, the same cuff down pattern I used for Jessie. I'm doing it in one of the Moda Dea Sassy Stripes yarns, but I don't have the label with me, so I can't say what the name of the exact yarn I am using is. It's very pretty though, and VERY girly, so I think Niffie (aka Jennifer if you're needing to know where Niffie/Niff came from) will really like them.

I had to put the MIL sock on hold because it made me mad. I miscounted on the gussett, got everything all messed up and forgot to put a stitch marker in where it called for. WHAT WAS I DRINKING??? So I had to take it out to the heel and put it aside for a little while so I don't curse the darn thing. I was hoping to have it done by today to drop it off to her tonight, but no luck. Maybe by Wednesday as I am hoping to pick it up again tonight.

I have also decided that I don't care all that much for bamboo needles anymore. I know some people love them and don't want to use anything else, but they just don't "click" in my hands. They aren't smooth enough for me, like the metal needles are. I don't know that I'll buy bamboo anymore. I'll just stick with the metal ones.

I have a gripe. I hate it when people think they always have to be right, and half the time they aren't, yet when they realize they aren't they get all miffy about it and just can't accept that sometimes THEY ARE WRONG.

I can't wait until I get my camera back so I can post pictures of my new socks :)