Knitting Kneedles

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Traded Knitting Book

I went to Barnes and Noble to exchange the Knitting Handbook for something else. I ended up with Knit One, Felt Two and I LOVE IT! There's a "lunch bag" in it that I am really looking forward to making soon! I could use a new lunch bag, and this one seems perfect for holding more than just a sandwich or something :) I think I'll even go with the same colors that are used in the book, a bright lime green and a bright pink. You'll have to forgive me that I don't know the actual colors for now, the book is at home. I discovered that after getting the book, Isela from Adventures in Knitting and Looming (I don't know how to link yet, I apologize Isela!!!) commented that she'd recently gotten that book as well. I love felted projects :)

On the knitting front, I FINISHED MY FIRST SOCK!!! I even started on the second one. I was somewhat worried that I would peter out and never start the second sock, but I DID and IT WILL BE FINISHED! The only thing I don't like was how the directions had me do the toe. It's sort of a rounded out toe, and I don't care for that. Socks shouldn't come to the little pointy at the toe. They should be nice. This one has you knit and decrease until there are only 8 stitches, then just use your darning needle and run the yarn through the stitchees and pull it tight. I'd rather do a sock that has the flat looking seam... not sure what that type of seam is.... But it looks like there's a line across the toes at the seam. That's what I want. Anyone have any ideas on how to help me with that? *flutters eyelashes*

Well, I must work.

Signing out,