Knitting Kneedles

Friday, June 03, 2005


This day is D-R-A-G-G-I-N-G like no other. *sigh* I wish I'd have brought something to work on, like the socks I'm currently making. But, I did not. Oh well. One of the doctors that I work for (I work for two female OBGYNS) is in Russia right now on vacation. She said "I bet it will be boring since I'll be gone and Y. is still on maternity leave (Y. is the other OBGYN that I work for). I told her "Nah, it'll still be busy." What made me think that is beyond me. My phone hasn't rang in over two hours, the minutes are crawling by and I've looked at all the knitting blogs and journals that I normally looked at. Twice. Anyway, J. and I were joking and she said "You should just knit in my office when it gets boring." LOL!

I finished my mother in law's socks the other night. The girls instantly put them on their own feet to check them out. Tonight I'm going to give them a nice little bath in the sink, then lay them out on a towel to dry and hopefully take shape. Right now they are all stretched out from being tried on by myself to see if I was doing it correctly, and by my girls, who think everything I knit is for them, regardless of the fact that the sock is 10 times too big for them! If they are dry by tomorrow morning, I will take them with me to the family reunion (my husband's mom's side of the family) and give them to her there. If not, then I will give them to her tomorrow night after we get home.

I started another pair of socks. These are for me. So far all I have is a few rows of k2, p2 ribbing. Not sure if I will venture out into something different, like some eyelet socks or what yet. Guess we'll see how it goes. I believe the yarn is Jelly Beans from Lion Brand Magic Stripes. Or something like that anyway. It's cute, it's bright. Not normally something I'd wear to work or anything, but maybe I'll change :) After all, it's homemade socks. And homemade socks are like homemade bread... who can resist?

The pink/white sock that I posted about a few days ago has been unsocked. I decided that I like the cotton that I knitted it with, but not for socks. Niff will just have to learn to understand that cotton is not meant for socks... at least not that cotton. She did ok with the taking apart of it, and grabbed some bright purple acrylic I have and said "Then I want this." I laughed and said "No way jose" She's still going through my stash of yarn drawers to try to figure out what she wants that I will agree too. There are a few sock yarns in there that she's iffy about.

Well, I have rambled on quite enough. I hate being bored at work. This is what happens... long boring posts about socks :)