Knitting Kneedles

Friday, June 24, 2005

Happy Friday!

Whew! Made it to Friday. For some reason, this was just a humdrum of a week. It wasn't that it was so slow, necessarily. I just felt as if it were boring.

I've ashamed myself in not making as many hats as my friend and coworker Faye who already has six or seven. I have 2. However, I do have 2 on the needles, currently. I feel better about that. I also have a preemie burial gown that I'm working on in Cotton-ese white.

I bought out all of this pretty blue (#107) in the Cotton-ese because I want to make a sweater or something for myself. I figured I better just buy it all so that way I will be sure to have enough. I think there 6 or 7 balls. Hopefully that will be enough. If not, I'll make myself a knitted t-shirt that I found a pattern for.

At work, I've been told I have a billion pens. You see, I am a HUGEe pen freak. Whenever one of the docs I work for, or a coworker, goes on a trip, I request a pen from the city that they are going to. I love them. They don't even have to write nice if they look really cool because chances are, I won't use the cool ones. I have pens from several states, and quite a few from Europe, one from Australia. I used to have on from Egypt with these cool symbols on it but I lost that one *sob* And I'm always buying new pens at the office supply stores or in the stationary department at other stores. If it is a new type of pen, I MUST HAVE IT. If it's a particular favorite, I MUST HAVE IT. I have no idea why I have this love of owning every pen on the planet, but own them I must and own them I will :)

I would also like to point out to whoever is interested that MY HAIR IS DRIVING ME C R A Z Y ! ! ! ! ! ! I am in the process of growing it out. And it's at that stage where you'd rather just shave it bald bald bald. It's not quite long enough for one of those tiny pony tails, yet it's long enough to get in my face. So tomorrow I'm treating myself to getting it colored and a few layers put in it and definitely thin it. My hair is incredibly thick! The other day I was trying to put one of those little half pony tails (you know, the kind where you just put the top half of your hair in it?) in my hair. Not to make it look good, because it definitely didn't. But to get it out of my face. I was about to wrap the pony tail holder around my hair for the second wrap and SNAP! It broke. It wasn't even one of the little ones, it was a normal sized one. And it wasn't even all of my hair, only part of it. *sigh* So for today I have purchased a billion of those little claw-clips (I don't know what else to call them) and have a few of those in my hair, pulling it back out of my face, and the left over hair at the bottom/in the back is pulled into a little tiny pony tail that keeps falling out. But, it's out of my face, and this is what matters. Anyway, definitely getting something done with it tomorrow. I can't wait until I get past this nasty growingitout stage.

Well, that was quite the babble about hair :)