Knitting Kneedles

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Niffie Knits

So my little Niffie was washing the chocolate from all over her hands and face, and she fell off the little stool. We snuggied and soothed and then I said 'Did you want to knit a hat?' Of course she complied, so I got out the blue Knifty Knitter and a skein of brightly colored cotton and sat her down. I looked all over for my digital camera so I could show you, but I can't find where it is *sob*
Right now she is busy unraveling the ball of cotton, which I think she is doing because that's what I do first, then wrap it up in a center pull ball. Then she'll make a mess of trying to wrap it on the hooks, and will have a ton of fun doing it. I love that my girls want to knit. Jessie now has a ball of yarn (Moda Dea Sassy Stripes) that she got from my stash and wants to make something. She has those lion brand kids knitting needles that she likes to play with. They will be great knitters one day, and much better than I because they will have learned at a childhood age rather than at 28 years old. :) I love thinking about the beautiful things they'll be making when they learn. Jessie can make things on the looms with a little bit of help. She loves those, and made a little soap bag once, with only a little help from me. I'd help her wrap the pegs and she would flip it.

On the knitting from mom front, I am still doing my hand at lace knitting. I got mad at my project so it's been on hold a couple days while we get back on better terms with each other, but that's by no means me giving up on it. I will conquer and I will win! So in the mean time I have been crocheting a little hat for my project. I haven't crocheted in months, so I was worried I'd lost it, but it came back to me as if I'd never stopped. *whew*

Well, I'll hunt down that camera and share pictures at some point. Sorry for the boring all text posts :(