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Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Fourth of July

This Fourth of July means something different for me.

I have a few cousins in the military currently, but only one of them am I really close to. The other two I haven't seen in years, and it doesn't bother me that they are in the military, most likely because we were never really that close.

But my cousin Robb is like my little brother. At least, that's how I think of him. He joined the Marines last year and when I asked him why, he said "Because I want to give something back." Plain and simple. What could I say? I had no way to respond to that. My biggest fear with him being in the military is not the military itself. I think it's great that he is doing it. My biggest fear is that some schmuck in an enemy country that shall remain nameless will cause him harm.

So this year, as we celebrate our Independence, I am realizing that it is because of people like my cousin, and so many others, who have given their time, and often times their lives, so that we may celebrate this freedom we have.

Robb, if you ever happen to read this, just know that I love you and the respect that I have for you would be too much to fill all the oceans.

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