Knitting Kneedles

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy Thursday! :)

So obviously I'm not posting as often as I would like to :( I will have to work harder on that!

I have no FO pictures to show right now, as I am at work and the camera is at home, as are the FO's. And no pictures are on said camera LOL. *note to self: GET REAR IN GEAR!*

My newest FO is one of the burial gowns I'm making. I have to admit it is not a *complete* FO as I still have to buy the buttons to sew on it, but as for the rest, it is complete. I'm not sure yet what type of buttons to put on it yet.

Currently I am still working on the baby blanket from Erika Knight's "Smiple Knits for Cherished Babies." I was going to knit Jake's name into it, but I just don't have the time, so there will just be a "J" in the center and that will have to do. I have to get this done by August 5. I think I can do it :)

I have had to go through my stash and get rid of a lot of yarn. I didn't realize just how much I actually had. When I was just crocheting, I thought Walmart's yarn section was just to die for and the only thing I knew about was acrylic. I had no idea there were such beautiful and yummy yarns out there for me to drool over... that is, until I picked up knitting and HOLY CAMOLY! So of course, my stash increased tenfold and I no longer care much about my acrylic yarns. I will admit, I do still use the verigated ones for baby hats and booties because I love the way the colors turn out and many hats and booties can be made from just a few skeins. Howevever, I just couldn't use all that acrylic, no matter how many hats and booties I made. There was just too much. So I brought it in to work and shared it with several of the ladies I work with. Some of them our in our little knitting club, others just wanted it to take home and work with. So be it, have fun with it, it's yours. Then I realized, I still have a couple more boxes of yarn up in the storage closet/attic area of my condo. Will have to sift through that and bring in more yarn. I'm glad to have someone to give it to, and that I know it'll get put to good use. Some of the people are using it to make our hats for our little knitting club. My husband asked why I didn't just use up the yarn I have then buy more when it's gone. I just looked at him sadly and he said "Is it because you don't like that kind anymore?" LOL I love my husband, he can read me like an open book.

I bought a new sock book! It's the Vogue Knitting one. I can't remember the exact name, but I love their tiny little books because they have great patterns in them, yet the books don't take up much space :) I also have one of their baby pattern books. I just now need to stock up on my circs and have two of each as I have decided that is my favorite method of knitting in the round for socks and what not...the 2 circ method.

My sister in law asked me to knit her a booga bag. I told her that I would love to, so we went to The Black Sheep and she bought the yarn she wanted and I'm just about half way into the second skein :) She picked a great colorway with lots of earthy tones in it. I can't wait to see how it looks after it is felted. I am hoping there is enough left over that I can knit her a little ocin purse to go with it. If not, I'll just go buy another skein and make one for her. I love to have people to actually knit for, and it really makes me feel good about my skills when they approach me to actually knit something for them :)

My last two WIPS are a hat (I think those will just be ongoing... I always have a hat on the needles these days, to the point where I don't even count it as a current WIP anymore, if that makes sense) and a purple sock for Niff.

Before I go back to work, I want to say holy cow to Isela at A Stitch In Time (I still have yet to learn to link a name rather than the entire website *sob*) on how many hats she has made for her Toasty Hats/Toasty Toes project! Way to go to all those who have donated for her! What a great cause!!!

Well, back to work for me :)