Knitting Kneedles

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The long weekend

So on Saturday, the girls and I went swimming to the community pool in our area. We had a great time... once Niff got used to the water. She had a bit of a struggle, and was still a little leary, but tried to be brave about it. We got a bit of sun, I had a couple of pinkish (but not painful) shoulders. Then we went back on Monday, since I had the day off (with pay WOO HOO!). The girls, again, had fun, but Niff, again, was leary. After she gets used ot it I think she'll have more fun. You just have to let her be and not force her. We were having fun, playing and all that when they called everyone out of the pool. What for? Get your barf bags ready.... POOP CHECK! I of course immediately begin looking all over for any signs of poop nearby us. I saw it. It was far away from where we were. They got it out with this big butterfly net looking thing and then put in gaboodles of chemicals. Then we had to wait about an hour to go back in. Gladly, thanks. I figured it was safe to go back in since they did treat that entire section, and then some and the water was VERY chlorinated. However, we managed to keep to ourselves... I didn't want to get close to the pooping culprite whoever that was. Fortunately, my girls are good in the water, Jessie has always informed me that she has to go potty. Niff wears a swim diaper, but still stries to let me know so we can make the mad dash to the potty. Anyway, EW. How can someone DO THAT?

When we got home, I realized that the front of me is fine, got some sun, but just tan. I put sunblock on the front. My back, however.... well, my arms don't bend backwards, so my back is bright red, with my white bathing suit stripe down the middle. Jessie tried to put the sunscreen on for me, but being only 4, well... let's just say it wasn't as good of a job as I would have liked, however I do apprecitae her trying to help me out. :)

While we were waiting to get back in the pool I knitted some on the baby blanket I am making for my friend Natalie. She's having a boy, and going to name him Jake. So the blanket I am knitting is one from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies (I's at home so I can't remember exact title) and it has a "B" in the exact center of it, done in stockinette with a garter border all around. It's a perfect square (or should be... we'll see what I do to it) and instead of having the "B" in the center, I've had a friend help me figure out the math to put J A K E in the center of it. I think it will look really good. I'm doing it in cotton-ese, the color that I bought to make my shirt/sweater/whatevertypeoftop but then decided that I'd rather use it for this, since it's not only soft, but washable. I'm not going to be done by her shower this Saturday, but that's ok. I am notorious for giving the gift that has to be returned before it can be given back because it's not done :)

I am also knitting a burial gown to donate with my hats. It's coming out nicely, and I will post pictures of it when it's done.

Have a great day!