Knitting Kneedles

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Happy Tuesday TO ME!

So I'm getting ready to head out the door this morning for work, and there's a package and some magazines sitting inside, by the bookshelf, near the door. Of course my heart skips a beat. The magazines are the Ensign and The Friend. Interesting story. TWICE I have ordered these magazines from the Church. TWICE I have NEVER received them. I gave up and decided it just wasn't meant to be for me to have them. Now all of the sudden I have a subscription for them for 2 years. I believe my best friend JD has ordered this for me this time. I'm excited :)

Now to the box. *drool* SECRET PAL PRESENTS! I have a wonderful secret pal who took my love for the color purple seriously and I was DELIGHTED! Everything was wrapped in pretty purple tissue paper! I was giddy, as if I were a kid on Christmas!! She sent me one of those adorable sheep tape measurers, some straberry candie (I believe that's what they are, I didn't get to open them since I had to go to work shortly), some home made stitch markers, with purple pretties on them, some REALLY YUMMY knitpicks yarn... Elegance. It's 70% Alpaca and 30% Silk and a complete dream. I have decided I want my skin made out of this stuff! Also she sent me a beautiful pattern for a mobius scarf that I cannot WAIT to knit! And some KnitPicks Merino wool TO DYE MYSELF with kool aid that she sent me as well! I'm REALLY looking forward to that. And some Burt's Bees hand salf and lemon butter cuticle cream. This has made my day. Secret Pal you rock the socks girl! (Or boy??)
Thank you very much, I was so excited to get that, and it means a lot to me that you took the time to find things specifically for me. I apprepciate you :)

Last night JD and I went to Seagull Book and Tape and I got a new set of scriptures and a Book of Mormon religion manual. I have decided that I want to really study it over the course of the next year or so, and really learn about it. Who knows, maybe it will even make me want to go full swing back to church. My scriptures are blue, and indexed. :)

I have also decided that mosquitos have a thing for my blood. I believe they just like A positive blood. I have gotten no less than 98237987234 bajillion mosquito bites this summer. My kids have gotten maybe on or two. My husband hasn't gotten a single one. But me? I've got them all over. Currently I have three on my left hand, 2 on my left thigh, one on my right thigh just above my knee, one healing on my lower left arm and one healing on my upper left arm, one or two healing on my upper right arm, and one on my left leg by my ankle. I HAVE HAD IT WITH THE STUPID MOSQUITOS. I don't wear lotion at night, so I don't think they are attracted to my lotion. I don't know what it is, but they sure love me. The feelings are NOT reciprocated. I'm on my second tube of hydrocortisone cream to help stop the itching. If anyone has any ideas about how to get them to leave me alone (without using deet because I hate that stuff) then I'd be much appreciative!