Knitting Kneedles

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I am still working on the Jake Blanket. I don't think it's ever going to get done. I have vowed to never knit another blanket like this as long as I live. I only have about 40 rows left now. *sigh* It's too big to be my carry around project, so I have to say it doesn't get worked on as much now. My new carry around project are the strawberry cotton ease socks for Jessie. I am doing them toe up with the figure of 8 cast on. I am doing 2 socks on 2 circs and love how easy it is. I'm also making a pair for my (just turned) 3 year old, Jennie (aka Niff). Hers are purple wool ease. I think I enjoy the toe ups because I can make them as big or as little as I need to. After Jennie's are done, I'd like to make some for my new little bean.

Speaking of the new little bean... Jessica has been such a great big sister. We were at the library the other day. The Salt Lake library, downtown, in the children's section has a HUGE love sac in the far back corner, so all I could think was how I wanted to go lay on it. I was so tired. So we trodded on back there, in the hopes no one else was already there, and to my relief, we had the huge love sac to ourselves. So I plopped on it, Jessie plopped on it, and Niff said "I wanna lay too!" Jessie said "Ok, but not on the baby!" Hehehe it was so cute. Then she goes "Mommy you should lay on your tummy because this is soft. The baby likes it when it's soft" ROFL! I thought that was classic. And now she'll say things like "Mom does the baby like what you're eating?" "Is the baby thirsty mom?" Different things like that. She wants a girl, and Niff sometimes wants a girl and sometimes wants a boy. I want a boy. My mom said a boy would be nice, my sister said the same. My mom's husband wants a boy, and my FIL wants a boy. Kenny said he doesn't care, he's just excited.

So I've noticed something with this pregnancy already that I don't recall having this soon in the other three I have had (one resulted in a miscarriage). I am STARVING. All the time. Last week I just thought it was because I was eating differently, this week I am not quite as convinced. I also think the reason that I wasn't losing weight as rapidly as I wanted to was because I am sharing this body with the new little bean. I talked with one of my docs I work with about that, and she agreed that could have been the issue. So, I'm no longer focusing on losing weight, obvously, however, I am still watching the calories that I take in. Upon talking to that same doctor she said that I only need to increase my caloric intake by about 300. So I'm just going to have to eat lots of frutis and veggies :) Which is good, I like those :) And the dang fatigue.... sheesh! With Jessie, I was tired like this, but with Niff, I wasn't very tired at all. Yesterday I was exhausted, and nauseated. I took some anti nausea meds which made me even more tired LOL So we went to some friends house after work, where I fell asleep, got up because they made us dinner, then I went back to sleep. Then when we got home, we popped a DVD in, and I fell asleep. LOL I don't want anyone to think I am complaining, because I'm really not. I actually welcome these symptoms because it means things are going well. I just wanted to point out how different pregnancies can be.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday morning. Hopefully I'll get to see the little bean and get a picture to bring home and scan for you all to see. :)

I also need to get started on my Christmas knitting. I'm not doing any "major" projects. The girls in the family will get felted coin purses and socks or felted slippers or something for the adult women. The men? They'll probably get something either storebought or a scarf, even though I hate knitting scarves.

Well, have a great day :)