Knitting Kneedles

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The *J*A*K*E* Blanket

So I am over the halfway point on the JAKE blanket. My friend has had her baby, and it's not ready yet. I figured it's no big deal though, since it's a blanket and not something that "won't fit" or anything like that. I got all the letters done, and thought about taking a picture, but then decided against it. I don't want to photograph it until I am all done with it and it's blocked. I think it will look better that way. :) I'm excited about it though. Those letters and all that reverse stockinette and everything were quite the challenge to me for some reason. Mostly just confusing about which stitch I should be on. At any rate, now i'm just back to regular old stockinette stitch for 70 more rows :)

I'm also knitting a pair of footlet socks on some size 2's out of cotton ease. I have decided that while I don't mind smaller needles, I don't think I care for the brand I am using. I am using the magic loop method, which I love (as well as the socks on circs method) but the needles are metal and poky and seem as though they are starting to chip up at the tips. Not pleased with that. Oh well, it's all in fun though, and the footlets are for me, and I think the needles should make it through the knitting of the footies :)

I'm also going to start knitting Barbie clothes for Christmas for the girls. I've decided I'd like a "Barbie" themed Christmas for them. I want to make furniture, if I can find the right sources for ideas (anyone know of any?) and there's a book that I saw someone knitting from on the Barbie clothes that I'm planning to get. There are two actually, one is something like Barbie and Me, and it's knits for the little girl and her Barbie. That is not the one I want. I want the one that is strictly Barbie clothes. In the meantime, I'm going to wing it and make some skirts and stuff out of some yarns that Jessie picked out. She got some Flash Cotton (cheapo three fifty a skein, I have yet to knit with it, but I seem to keep buying it LOL) and some cashcotton that is sort of a bright pinkish that she HAD TO HAVE. I caved. It's too soft NOT to cave :) Besides, maybe she'll forget that we have it in the stash now and I can use it for something else *grin* I think we got some Dale Stork too, in a self striping blue/green/yellow thing. Looking forward to it all :) Both of my girls are huge Barbie freaks, and both also young enough that they don't have a lot of Barbie stuff, and I never kept all mine *sob* Anyway, I'm excited about it.

So, I went to church Sunday (I am LDS if anyone is interested) and actually went to the entire block. Sacrament, Sunday School and Relief Society. Lately, I haven't really been having much of a desire to be at church. Not sure why, I guess I just don't care maybe? But my friend wanted to go to the entire thing, so I went with her. Normally, I only go on the days that I have to play the piano in Relief Society, and then only just Relief Society. But it was nice to go for the whole thing for a change. Who knows, maybe I'll change and start going to the whole thing all the time. Jessie sure would like that. She loves going to Primary and singing all the songs. Niff on the other hand is not all that fond of Nursery. She's doing better, maybe if her mom took her more than once in a blue moon of cheese, she'd be better at liking it.

I'm going to be going on vacation to the Oregon Coast to visit my mom in a few weeks and I am SO excited!! She's lived there for a year or two now and really loves it. We're planning to hopefully move up there as well in the next year or so. We're playing it by ear for now to see how things pan out for us here in Salt Lake City. Anyway, I'm looking forward to venturing to yarn stores and what not :)

Well, must get my hiney back to work.