Knitting Kneedles

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My new toy!

I got a new toy last night! I'm SO excited about it!!! It's a pink iPod mini! Of course, the minute I got home, I had to play with it, so I installed all the software, uploaded some music to the computer and along with music I had already had on it, I have lots of songs on my little Spodi (which is what I have named my iPod. Spodi = ipods upside down and backwards.) I'm looking forward to taking it to the gym with me to have some good music to listen to while working out. My favorite music types are 70's, 80's, new country (not that old wangy twangy stuff) and show tunes. LOVE the show tunes! And now I can listen to them all :)

Now to knit the ever popular iPod cozy for little Spodi. I'm thinking something purple... I have some purple wool ease at home. I wonder if I could use that? Or maybe it would be too scratchy and hurt Spodi's screen. Guess I'll hafta look into it and see.