Knitting Kneedles

Sunday, August 21, 2005

New patterns!!!

So I went to my LYS, The Black Sheep Wool, Co. yesterday to see if they had that Barbie clothes book yet. They didn't, but they are getting more in. Apparently, one of the ladies who works there is really pushing the book because she's doing a class this fall! WOO HOO! Call me there already! So I reserved a book for when they come in and I can't wait!

While there, of course I couldn't NOT peruse the lovely things! I looked through some of the binders that they have and found two baby hat patterns that I bought! I got this Berry Cute Hat as well as Patrick's Pumpkin. I have started on the Berry Cute Hat and so far, so good. It's actually quite simple, I think. I am making it for my best friend's brand new neice! :)

I would also like to announce that I can now do toe-up socks! I tried and tried to do a provisional cast-on, but with no luck. It was just too difficult for my poor fingers to get involved with. Then I found the figure of 8 cast-on and watch out sock world, cuz here I come! See, while I absolutely LOVE knitting socks, it was those darn toes holding me back. Picking up stitches? Not a problem. Turning the heel? As long as I have a pattern, not a problem. Kitchener stitch? Get me some Adivan because I gets me all wound up and frustrated. So, thanks to whoever invented the figure of 8 cast-on method. I love you. Really, I'm not just saying that. I love you!

Yesterday was such a busy day for me. I got up at the unthoughtofonaSaturday hour of 7:15 to get ready to go to work. On a Saturday. Blech. My hours are M-F, 8-5. But our file room is in such a behind state right now, they have so many loose labs, Pap smears, ultrasound reports, etc to file in the paper charts. So I asked if I could come in and help them get caught up a little bit. A few of us also did this last Saturday. Yesterday it dwindled down to just two of us. At any rate, since we're going on vacation soon, I could really use the over time, even if it is just a few hours. Then, when I was done, I went to the LYS (see beginning paragraph!) and then home. When I got home we all dove right in to cleaning the dickens out of the house. Well part of the house anyway. Scrubbed down the kitchen, including the counters, floor, sink, etc. Most of the dishes are clean. I think today we have a couple cereal bowls, a big bowl, and ice cube trays. For us, that's a clean kitchen hehehe. Cleaned the downstairs living room and cleaned the middle floor family room. Also cleaned most of the girls' bedroom. All that's left in there is to pick up a few more things off the floor and vaccuum. And empty their laundry baskets, but they can do that on their own, I think. Then we made out party invitations for Niff's birthday party on Saturday, and delivered those all over town. We are going to go miniature golfing, then back to our house for cake and ice cream. I have decided to order a Barbie cake for her. Not the kind that looks like a barbie dress with the upper torso of Barbie sticking out. Just a flat one, from Smith's or Walmart or somewhere, that has Barbie decorations on it. I asked her if she wanted chocolate or white. Kenny said he wanted Spice, and Niff took that as him saying he wanted spiders. So she wants a spider flavored cake. Pass, thanks. We settled on chocolate with raspberry filling in the center *drool*

So now, today I have a nice clean kitchen. There's something about a clean kitchen that makes me feel like I need to bake and make yummy things. So I am marinating chicken in some sauce that I mixed with BBQ sauce and whatever else I felt like throwing in. And I am rising some Rhodes white bread to bake that in another few hours, rising some Rhodes cinnamon rolls to bake in a few hours, and my bread machine just got done with a loaf of country white. All things I can eat? Probably not, but it was fun to do. As you can see, my idea of baking means making things that I don't really have much to do with. Throw a frozen loaf in a pan, some mix in a machine, call it baking for me LOL. But the end result is nummy in the tummy!!

While reading the address on the Fiber Trends patterns that I bought, I saw that the address is an East Wenatchee, Washington address and my heart skipped a beat. I grew up in Wenatchee, Washington, which is just on the other side of the Columbia River from E. Wenatchee. Like, 2 minutes away. I got all excited! Hehehe..

OOOH! I have a HUGE awesome accomplishment to share with whoever cares! I LOST 2 POUNDS! I was so excited, jumping around and acting like a four year old who got a new toy on Christmas. It's all been worth something now, just for those two pounds :) I haven't been journaling everything I've eaten over the weekend, because really I haven't had time. But by counting the cals in my head, I have still stayed in the boundaries that I should. I even turned down free pizza. Can you believe it? Me + free pizza = droolfest. But I did not succomb to the droolfest. NOSIRREE! I gathered my wits and said that we couldn't stay for dinner, we had to go, but thanks just the same. :)

Well, that's about it for now.