Knitting Kneedles

Saturday, August 27, 2005's a SECRET!

I figure since none of you know my family or my husband's family, I can let you in on our little secret. As of yesterday, I am five weeks pregnant :) I am FREAKIN SHAKING because I am so excited. I've been trying for nearly a year, and finally it's happened!!!!!!! *jumps up and down* I was going to wait until Monday to pee on the stick, but just couldn't. So I broke down and bought some tests and took one tonight, even though it obviously wasn't my first morning pee. Now, I must tell you, in the last year or so, I have had three false positive pee tests, however, those were different than this. With those, the line was so faint you could barely even see it, and they didn't show up until after a couple of minutes. With this one, it showed up at the same time as the control line showed up. And it was dark. So I called my doctor, who is also my friend and who is also my boss. She knows about the fake positive tests in the past, so I told her about this one, and she said this one sounds VERY promising, but to be sure, take another in the morning, and do a quant (which is where they test you to find out what your levels are) on Monday when I get to work. Then I asked if I could get an ultrasound in a couple of weeks (normally nothing shows up on ultrasound until at least 6 weeks, so I figure at 7 I should be safe) to verify. Since most insurances don't pay for more than one ultrasound unless medically necessary, I think I can get away with this one, since I have had a miscarriage in the past. Besides, I mostly just want to know it's for real. :) If all is as I think it is, I will be due May 5, 2006. However, I am a c-section mamma, so I'm thinking of either April 26 or May 1. If I do April 26, that would be a Wednesday and Jessie and Jennie were both born on Wednesdays. But I would really like to have a May baby, so I might just spring for May 1. But who knows, maybe I'll go into labor before those and get my c-section before I expect it. At any rate, I'm so excited that my entire body is shaking all over. Not as much now as it was 30 minutes ago, but a lot still :) :) :) :) :) :) And now, I knit! So I can knit lovely little baby things! I only crocheted before with my other pregnancies, but never really found anything I wanted to make my girls. So with this one...WOO HOO! I love knitting so much more than crocheting :)

Anyway... just thought I'd let you all in :) But SHHH! Remember, it's a SECRET!