Knitting Kneedles

Thursday, September 01, 2005


So I've been watching the news a lot this week, as I am sure everyone has. I was griping this morning about how awful it is that gas is going up. Then I thought "Hey, at least we have a gas station that I don't have to line up 10 miles to get to..." "At least I still have my dry car" "At least I have my home." "At least I know where my family is and how they are doing." Paying more for gas seems so small in the scheme of those things. And everything will work out in that aspect. And there is always public transportation which we should all be taking advantage of anyway.

So I'm perusing blogland and saw that Margene and Susan have set up a donation fund to help out those who need it the most. If you read this, and you have the extra money, or can give up something this week to make sure you have the extra money, someone will be so blessed from it. Maybe even you yourself. Think about it. Put yourself in their shoes. Would I be someone that I would want to help? I would hope so. Anyway, just wanted to pass this along, as every little bit helps out! Also, if you enjoy loom knitting, then Isela has some auctions up for some of her company's looms, and all of the proceeds will be donated to the relief fund. Or, if there is some other way you can help out, like sending clothing, toiletries, etc to the Red Cross or another fund that is helping them, maybe you could do that too. :)

Thanks for taking the time to think of others in their time of need. God blesses you for it :)