Knitting Kneedles

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Can you believe it!? A post from me, WITH PICTURES!

This first one is of Niff with her new Halloween costume. She is going to be the "Wicket" Witch. That's how she says "wicked." I think she looks adorable. We're going to paint her face green and spray her hair black and make it all scraggly looking.
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This one is of Jessie in her costume. She is going to be a Southern Belle. She has no idea what one is, but she fell in love with the dress the moment she set eyes on it. There was absolutely nothing else she could even look at besides this dress. And I have to admit, it is adorable. She was prancing around the house humming as if she were the belle of the ball. And really, she is. As you can see...
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Here they are together in their costumes
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This is a picture of Niff while we were in Oregon at the aquarium in Newport Beach.
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This is a picture of Jessie in Oregon at my aunt's house, posing with the flower tiara. Image hosted by

No knitting pictures right now. I'm sure that's not a shock though. I wonder if I'm just afraid to show people online my stuff for fear of it being too ugly or something. Or maybe I'm just lazy. I'm going with the latter, since I normally don't care what everyone else thinks of my knitting projects :)