Knitting Kneedles

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ultrasound follow up!

Isela reminded me that I forgot to post about my ultrasound that I had a little over a week ago. If you'll remember, my first one only showed the yolk sac with no fetus or cardiac activity, which made me quite sad. I thought for sure I was going to miscarry at any moment. A week and a half later, there was my little Cashew with a beating heart, just ticking away. They did move my due date, so now it is May 11. According to my last menstrual period, which I finally figured out, I should have been due April 25 (I originally thought it was May 5.) I find this quite interesting. Here's why. Sperm can live inside of the female for up to 72 hours. According to the time we had intercourse the month I conceived, the sperm would have had to live for an entire week. So I figured, it was all in God's hands and I'm just going to chalk it up to my big miracle :) I haven't figured out how to scan things with our new scanner yet, so I won't be able to show off the picture, but that's ok, because honestly it just looks like a 1 cm blob. Hopefully the following ultrasounds are more revealing :)