Knitting Kneedles

Monday, October 03, 2005

Interesting little thing....

So my tooth/gum on the right bottom side of my mouth has been swollen and irritated. I thought at first a week or two ago that it had popcorn kernals in it, but haven't eaten popcorn, so thought it had been there a while if that's what it was. I flossed the crap out of that gum, and eventually I was just flossing through the gum tissue and bleeding all over that area. So today I thought 1) I'm getting an absess or 2) the filling is coming out. So I called the dentist, they squeezed me in. It was neither of those issues, thank goodness. At first they thought it was an absess, then after further hot/cold testing on the three teeth involved in the swollen area, they discovered that it is a Pyogenic Granuloma. Also known as a pregnancy tumor. Not that that might help, I'd never heard of either one of those things before. Here's the definition:

What are "pregnancy tumors?" Pregnancy tumors (pyogenic granuloma) are rare, usually painless lesions that may develop on your gums in response to plaque. Although they are not cancerous, they should be treated. Pregnancy tumors usually subside shortly after childbirth.

Just thought I'd share, because I found this interesting. I hope I don't go through this the entire pregnancy, because it's one of those irritations that is irritating