Knitting Kneedles

Saturday, October 15, 2005

My poor sock

I lost. But it was my fault. I got to the very end of the sock, bound off, and was so proud of myself. Gleaming with pride and joy at my accomplishment.

I went to put it on.

I bound off too tightly.

I tried to fix that by undoing the bind off, but ended up taking a few rows out and thought "no big deal, I'll just put them back on the needles." That proved to be more frustrating to me than anything because my hands tonight are very shaky. Shakier than normal for some reason. In the end, I gave it all up and now have to little wound up balls of what once was my sock.

The good news is, I don't feel as though I let myself down or anything because 1) I learned to do a toe up sock and 2) I learned to do short rows. We'll just chalk it up to experience. I don't know that I'm all that fond of those short rows. I do like the toe ups, because I could make it to fit my foot, or whoever's foot. But I seem to not have as much problem when doing a cuff down sock. Maybe I'll just stick with that for now. I'm using the same yarn to cast on for another sock tonight. Will be searching around online for a pattern.

I have good news! Niff has only had one accident today! Thankfully, it was only pee and not the poo poo accident. She turned 3 in August, and with a third baby due in May, I'm just not thrilled with the idea of having to buy all those diapers. So we're working on it now, and hopefully she will have been potty trained long enough by the time this baby is born that she won't have a relapse. She does really well through the night, and 9 nights out of 10 she will have a dry diaper. Jessie on the other hand, which is my 4 year old, is a completely sound sleeper, and just can't make it through the night. Any tips? We don't drink anything after 7 if we can help it, and we potty before we go to bed. What else can I do? I am hoping it's not a bladder problem. Poor kid, that would be hard on her when she starts having sleepovers and stuff with her friends. Anyway, if anyone has any advice on that, I'd appreciate it.

I'm proud to say I have FINALLY hit that 10 week mark in my pregnancy. I don't know why I was waiting specifically for that 10 week mark, but I was, and it seemed like a hurdle to go over or something. Weird.

Ok, now I'm off to find a fun sock pattern :) Hopefully all will go well with this one :) And I very much appreciate everyone's help with all of the questions I had.