Knitting Kneedles

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Thank you SP6!

So I got home from work the other day, exhausted and ready to just sleep for 12 days. There was a box at the door. I bend over, pick it up, see it's from my Secret Pal and all of the sudden I'm wide awake now! LOL I fumble to get the key in the door because I'm so excited, finally do, and Kenny says "Whatchya got?" I said "A present!!!" So I open it, and in it I find this:
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There are actually two skeins of that yarn, but the other is already in use. It's so soft and nummy that I couldn't help myself. I have a list of things I want my skin to be made of, and this Misti Alpaca is right there at the top. And it's a beautiful Plum color. Also, she sent me this wonderful vitamin e lotion bar. It's called Naked Skin. It's carved into a beautiful little flower, so I'm afraid to use it and mess up the flower LOL. It smells nummy though. THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!!
I am now knitting myself a lace scarf from a pattern I fell in love with months ago but never had the perfect yarn for. Thanks to you, I have it all now :)

On the baby note...I had a dream last night that my c-section date had approached and I had an ultrasound and they said "Well, it will actually be six more weeks. The baby's too small." And my doctor accidentally told me the sex of the baby, which I still don't want to know while pregnant. She told me it's a girl. I also was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my dream. Blech, I hope THAT part of it does NOT come true, although the idea of it concerns me, because I was borderline in my last two pregnancies, so I know it's a possibility. I'm also overweight, which doesn't help, and have a metabolic issue, which might not help. But maybe everything will be on my side and I'll be fine :) I guess we'll see when that 28 week mark rolls around in February :)

Also, thanks to those of you who are putting up with my baby blabbering. I hope it's not boring you or anything. :)