Knitting Kneedles

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Too many UFOs?

Can one really have too many UFO's lying around the house? Currently I am working on the braided cable scarf, out of some lovely knit picks yarn my SP5 sent me, the Branching Out scarf from knitty, out of the misti alpaca my SP6 gave me, a toe up sock out of some denim something or other that I had in my stash, the never ending Jake blanket (that I have only three weeks to finish...I only have about 25-30 more rows, but stockinette stitch is boring the jeebers out of me, hence why it's not finished...anyone wanna finish it for me? I'd prize you with ... something LOL) out of the blue cotton ease I got on clearance, and a baby hat out of something I had in my stash that I can't find the label to. I like to have one or two projects going at a time, but I've gotten myself in a deep UFO hole here LOL. Of course, I intend to finish all of them, but how on earth did I get myself into this? Do others have a gabillion UFO's lying around? If so, what's your limit, if there is one. Or do you just prefer to have one project going at a time. I'd love to hear what you have to say about it :)

So I've been keeping tabs on my weight, since with my last two pregnancies I lost some in the first and second trimester. With Jessie, I lost about 8-10 pounds, and only gained back so that I was about 3 or 4 pounds above pre-pregnancy. With Jennie I lost about 15 and only gained back so that I was a half a pound above pre-pregnancy. With this little one, I'm currently at about 10 weeks (why O WHY did they have to move that due date?) and am down about 4 pounds from when I started. Any guesses on what the final weight gain might be? I am hoping that when I deliver, nursing the baby will help me lose weight. It didn't in the past, but this time I intend to eat better and healthier.

My husband and I have been blechy this weekend. We both slept off and on through out the day, and thank goodness I have such good kids. They actually let us do that. For me, it was more of a one eye open type of sleep so I could still wake up if they needed me, but how wonderful they are to not get into things. They just played Barbies and watched a movie. I'm greatful for them for being so good :) Today I'm still feeling somewhat blechy, but better than yesterday. I think it's my body trying to fight off a bug. My body is achy and I have no energy. Kenny felt that way, and had a migraine to boot.

Well, back to work some more on one of those projects...I am thinking it's a sock day :) It's a toe up sock that I'm rather "winging" since I've never done one. I want to do a k2 p2 rib into it once I get done with the toe increases. Only on the top part though, not on the bottom/heel part. Also, it's going to be a short row heel sock. I'm looking forward to not picking up stitchs hehehehe.

Have a great day everyone!