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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Yarn vs. Me Part II


Well, with lots of help from Susan I won :) I shall post photos for you all to see :)

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This is my nasty dry leg with the foot/heel part of the sock. I'm now working on the cuff. Also, as you can see, it's clearly going to be a little big when I'm done, but I figured eh... maybe it will shrink when I wash it.

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This is the best photo I could get of part of the short row heels, short of cutting off my foot for a better view. I opted not to go that route :)

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This shows my biggest nasty of the sock. See that little hole near the ankle part? I'm not to worried because I figure those holes will eventually not show up once I do more socks and short rows. And I figured I could just put a stitch or two in there to help hide it when the sock is all done :)

Also, I got my order from KnitPixie from my gift certificate from my SP :) I had ordered Lorna's Laces, but they emailed me shortly after to let me know that the colorway I had requested was not in stock, and that I could have Vesper for the same price. So I ordered Vesper in Meteor. Here is a picture of it, after I balled it up from the hank. The hank, by the way, was lovely!
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So now I'm rewarding myself with this yarn. I have to finish at least one project before I can start using it. I'm thinking sockies for my girlies :) I think I could maybe squeak out two pairs of the footie socks for them. They have kid feet. (We call those anklet socks "footies" in case someone wasn't sure what a footie sock was.)

I haven't decided which method of sock knitting I like best, the short rows or the gusset. Right now, I think I prefer the gusset, because the picking up stitches is cake for me. I'm hoping that the more short rows I do the better they will look and the better I will get at it. Also, I think I should have used smaller needles. I'm using a 3.5 I think (the numbers have worn off of the wood and I think that's what I remember the little measurer saying they were) and I wish I'd have used a 2 because the yarn I'm using is too fine for a 3.5. At least, for my liking.

Well, that's it for now. Susan, thank you tons for helping me last night! It was a ton of fun going to Stitch n Bitch and I plan to come hang out and knit with you all more, if that's ok :)