Knitting Kneedles

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Another ultrasound! And a contest!!!

So yesterday I had a little spotting. I talked to my doctor, which was easy since I'm also her admin assistant. She said we should order an ultrasound to check and see if the baby is ok, so that we could all sleep better this weekend. So down I went for my ultrasound nervous as heck. The last time I had spotting was 5 1/2 years ago and I miscarried. And working in an OBGYN office, of course all I could think of was the worst. However, everything went well. I told them before hand that they might see I have a full bladder because I was scared to go to the bathroom for fear of seeing more blood. I know that sounds ridiculous, but that was my fear yesterday. Sure enough, they laughed at how full my bladder was. LOL!

So as they are scanning around I catch a glimpse of something I hadn't decided if I wanted to find out yet. There was, to me, a great "down under" shot, as my friend who went with me called it. The tech doing the scan only said "Well, it's too early to try and tell what it is, being only 15 weeks, so when we do your routine scan we can tell better." In my head I thought "Yeah, right. I know EXACTLY what it is!" So as my friend and I were walking down the hall, we both decided on the same thing. Then I told Jennie, my OB, what we thought we saw. A few minutes after I talked to Jennie she called back and said that the doctor who read the scan just called her to tell her everything was great, no sign of cause for the bleeding. Then Jennie said "And I grilled her about the sex. She said it's still early but she really thinks it's a *insert sex here.*

So. Whoever guesses the sex of the baby first and correctly wins a prize! Email me at romiettah at comcast dot net with your guess and if you're right, I'll let you know so I can get your address and send you the prize. Not sure yet what the prize will be, because I just barely thought of doing this, my first contest. But it will be yarn related :) Also, only one guess per person please :) No fair emailing twince since there's only two options to choose from!