Knitting Kneedles

Monday, November 21, 2005

The baby socks are done

I think they look "ok." The first sock, I messed up on the toe. The second sock I tried ot match to the first sock when it came to the toe, but that didn't happen. LOL I figured that's just too bad, my friend is getting them anyway. Here are some pics :)

This is the first sock, wet and blocking on my favorite winnie the pooh towel.
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Here is the second sock doing the same thing as the first. You might notice that toes aren't twinlike.
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Here they are together, blocking it up.
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And here is the first one, freshly finished.
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The last photo is my favorite of the two socks.

Thanks again for this pattern :) Even though I boofed the toes, I know my friend won't care, and she'll love em anyway :) Plus, I know where I messed up and how to fix it, I just didn't want to frog the first one to fix it because I'd already seamed it and don't know how from that point, so figured botching the second toe the same way would work... LOL

Anyway, it was fun, and I look forward to many more baby socks!

The socks really are the same size, I don't know why they are different sizes in the picture.