Knitting Kneedles

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The sock

So, I have restarted the sock. I worked on it last night during Tuesday Tv, which is of course, Bones and House. I started out with 5 needles, but lost one *cry* I guess it's ok because they are crystal palace DPN's and for some reason, I just have never really liked those brand. So I'm knitting with 4 instead, which actually seems to me to go faster. I have just picked up the stitches and started my decreasing rounds to get ready for the toe. I'm hoping I can finish it tonight, but darn it there's nothing good on TV tonight. Guess I'll have to pop in a video :) Anyway, I'm excited that this sock seems to be going so much quicker than the frogged one. The baby they are for was just barely born, and I'm doing them on the size one, which is the infant size rather than the newborn size, so I'm thinking they'll get to her next week when I mail them and still fit :) Thanks Miriam for the awesome pattern :)