Knitting Kneedles

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Delivery method stuff...mostly complaining, be forewarned! :)

I had to choose a new day for the baby to be born. That's the only good thing, in my opinion, about having c-sections. I get to be in control of the day, if she hasn't come by then that is :) I was wanting May 3, but my doctor is out of town until that day, so I decided on....Cinco de Mayo! :) I thought that would be fun, so many people celebrating my Robyn's birthday :)

I do wish that c-sections weren't a party of my delivery plan, but, such is life. I had an emergency c-section with Jessica, after an induction for pre eclampsia. Her heart rate was dropping to the 60's, when it's not supposed to go below 120. It went up, but didn't really stabilized, so they crash sectioned me. I was awake, though so drugged that I remember I just wanted to sleep. Then, with Niff, my cervix wasn't ever changing towards the end. At 38 weeks, it was still closed, thick and high, meaning that diddly squat was happening. So I said "Let's just schedule it." To this day, I regret that decision. Niff was so tiny I am sure I could have delivered her vaginally. She was only 6 pounds and 18 inches long. But, that is the decision I made. I talked with my OB about having a VBA2C, which is a vaginal birth after 2 cesareans. She was very supportive of it, if that is what I wanted to do. I researched the holy heck out of it, read lots of stuff on the internet, good and bad, and read lots of stuff at work, in our OBGYN office, like some articles from journals, ACOG (American College of OBGYN), and talked with 3 different OBGYN doctors who were all supportive of it as long as it was what I wanted. I stressed about it for about a year, and it was definitely the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life. The scariest risk, to me, of the VBA2C is a uterine rupture, which could also happen with just a VBAC. But with the VBA2C, the risk is slightly higher. I couldn't deal with that, so in the end, I just decided that a repeat c-section, while it also has risks, is the better decision for me. While I'm still not thrilled with that decision, I do know it's the right one. That's the only thing about this pregnancy that I dread. And I'm not sure what the reason is that I hate the sections so much. I should be greatful that my babies are healthy. And I am, completely. Just makes me disappointed that I have to let someone else birth my babies I guess.

Whew... guess I just needed to get that out! Sorry about that :)

I'm making enchiladas and spanish rice and beans for dinner tonight. I'm looking forward to it. I love mexican food!