Knitting Kneedles

Monday, December 19, 2005


I'm sitting at my desk at work, and this lady comes in looking for one of our physicians. She has a bag of something to give him. His secretary isn't in, so I offer to give it to him when he comes in. I look at it... it's roving! For his wife. I said, "She's gonna spin this up isn't she?" I opened the bag (she told me to) and felt it and holy hannah banana.... I'd like my skin to be made of this stuff! That's how I like to rate my yarn. :) I told her that eventually I'd love to learn to spin and she said "Great, we'll start you out with a drop spindle so you can get the hang of it." Then she told me about some place in town on Redwood Road and 7800 South (???) that caters to spinners. I'll look into it to see if they have some classes to offer for people with no clue like myself :) Any ideas on how much a good drop spindle costs? I'm excited :)