Knitting Kneedles

Friday, January 27, 2006

Chemo caps

So as I'm driving to work this morning, I'm listening to my favorite radio station, and they are doing a fund rasier for Huntsman Cancer Institute. People call in, make donations, they take the info and send the money to HCI. While I don't really have the funds right now, I do want to do something, so I've decided that after my Olympic/Dulaan challenge, I'm going to give myself a new challenge of trying to get together -X- amount of chemo caps to donate. This is where I need to enlist the help of anyone who'd like to help me out :) I'd like to be able to have a certain amount of hats, either knitted, sewn, crocheted, loomed, whatever, by the end of June, to donate. But first I wanted to see if anyone wants to help, and if so, how many hats/caps would you as an individual be willing to donate? Do have you any friends that might want to help out? Am I just being ridiculous? :)

Anyway, let me know if anyone wants to help me on my quest here, I'd love all I can get!