Knitting Kneedles

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I had another ultrasound today. I'm in this study called PROMISSE that one of the docs in our office is doing. I can't remember what they are looking for, something I think to do with preterm labor. I'm one of the "healthy controls" meaning they really aren't worried about me but want to compare my stuff with the "unhealthy controls" or whatever they lable those gals as. In this study I get to have 3 ultrasounds at their cost (WOO HOO!) and lots of blood draws (no WOO HOO there though). So today, I had my 2nd ultrasound with that, and let's just say, Matthew is definitely not a modest little guy LOL! She put the doppler on my tummy and my friend Donna said "Oh, what's that?" The sonographer said "Well, that's the baby's butt, and it's definitely still a boy." My first question was "How magnified is that!?!?!" She told me it was close to actual size. Not that the baby was hung like a horse (sorry for the crassness there) or anything, but I was surprised that it was so much bigger this time than last time LOL. Clearly I have no experience with boys, so I think that played in there as well. All went well, and it looks like there is no concern anymore for a Placent Accreta anymore. The last 2 ultrasounds I had, there was some concern about this, which really freaked me out because of the thought of being put under general anesthesia. For some reason having a hysterectomy, possible blood transfusions, bladder repair, other girl parts repaired, etc didn't bother me one iota. But putting me under? Ay ay ay! I'll pass on that thankyouverymuch. I have another ultrasound in 2 weeks and that should hopefully confirm that they don't need to worry about that anymore, and I'll rest assured knowing I most likely won't be unconsious for the delivery.

On the knitting front, I've changed my mind about how to finish off the hat. I think I'm just going to seam the top closed and put tassles on the corners. The thought of making an icord with sock yarn just wasn't all that appealing to me. It would take me 9238769234 gabillion years, I just know it.

Anyone else here an American Idol fan? I watched it last night and was just appalled at some of the people auditioning. What makes these people think they can sing? Even more, why do parents and grandparents encourage those who can't sing to do something like that? I guess that's easier than saying "Son/daughter, you really have a lousy voice and should just hide out for the rest of your life." :) Not that *I* would say that, but I couldn't be dishonest with my kid if I thought they weren't very good at something. Encourage them to keep at it if they loved it, sure, but set them up for total humiliation? I just couldn't do that.
And the one girl... I can't remember her name, but she was just awful, and she wore more make up on her face than I wear in an entire year. And they showed her putting on more as she was getting ready to audition. Then she came out and wasn't even paying attention to Simon asking her questions about her tan, and she went on about her name and her song. THREE TIMES! Then they brought her mom out and oi! Like mother like daughter... interesting outfits, that's all I kept thinking.

So I'm done being critical of the show for now. We'll see how tonight's episode goes :) I'm glad it's a new season, I love this show :)

Apparently all the links I have found don't help, in regards to that placenta accreta information. What it is is when your placenta, instead of just attaching to the uterus, basically grows into it. There are three different levels, each one being more severe than the other. It can even go past the uterus and into the bladder. Most often lots of blood is lost, because you cannot just manually remove the placenta by taking it out in this situation, or the mother might bleed profusely, or to death. Transfusions are often necessary, and quite often, a hysterectomy is necessary to save the mother's life. The baby isn't in harms way because he/she still gets what he/she needs from the placenta, it's still giving off the right stuff for the babe. And it's only a problem at delivery, as far as I know.
And when it grows through like the bladder, vaginal walls, etc, then it becomes necessary for a gyn-oncologist to come in and help repair things, assisting the OB who is doing the c-section. Oh yeah, and a c-section is necessary as well, in these situations. What causes an accreta to occur? When a woman has scar tissue on her uterus, that's where the placenta might attach and just keep growing through that tissue, rather than just minding it's own business and staying put where it's planted, so to speak. If you have no scar tissue on your uterus, you're in the clear. Having had 2 c-sections in the past put me into that category, and because of the way the placenta was so close to my bladder, they were a little concerned about it. Not much, just a little. I, of course, freaked out, for no good reason so far though, thank goodness. Anyway, that's my shpiel on placental issues for today. Sorry if that was boring for any of ya'll. :)