Knitting Kneedles

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Knitting Olympics

I wasn't planning to join up with the rest of those in the 2006 Knitting Olympics but upon reading Isela's blog this morning, I have decided to join in her quest to be there for other people and work on the Dulaan Project (which for some reason I can't link to) for my Olympic Challenge. While Isela has chosen to do 16 items to loom or needle knit, I have chosen to do 10. The challenge in this for me is actually finishing 10 items in 16 days. I'm an INCREDIBLY slow knitter and the thought of this actually makes me wonder if I can really do it. So that's how I know it's a fitting challenge. If it turns out that I complete my 10 items before the deadline, I will just continue on and make more.

Thanks Isela for the great idea!