Knitting Kneedles

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Olympic update

Sadly, my Olympic Knitting update hasn't changed from my last post....Niff got sick, then I got sick now Jessie and daddy are sick. We belong in the sick house. Thankfully I had Monday off for the holiday, so I'm only missing two days of work so far. But ew. I hate being sick. And I REALLY hate being sick while I'm pregnant because that just seems to make everything worse. I've been taking Nyquil, by orders of my doctor who states that it's fine because the alcohol content isn't enough to make a difference. I think it made me have a weird dream last night. I had a dream that my baby had died and that I had to have surgery to get him taken out, only it wasn't a c-section. I'm not sure what it was. And I had to have it done at Primary Children's Medical Center. The reason the baby had died was some chromosome issue they said. It was very disturbing. I woke up and laid there (I was on the couch, which is where I sleep while's not as hot in the living room as it is in my room LOL) and made sure that he was still moving around. He was, so I knew all was well. But ew. I hate those kind of dreams.

So at any rate, I have three hats done. And 7 more to do. And I can't even remember when the last day is. I'm still going to do as many hats as I can, and hope I get to my goal, but if I don't get it done in time for the Olympics to be done, I'll just have to be late. I'm such a big loser!!

Well, I've been up now about 45 minutes and am completely worn out. I shall go take another restypoo on the couch again.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Holy snow Batman!

I love the snow when it first falls. It looks so pretty. I don't mind driving in it all that much either. I just hate having to share the roads with other people who drive in it :) But looking at it, it just makes everything look so clean and pure. Granted 12 inches is a bit much in one day, but I won't complain. It's pretty! :)

Last night I got out my little plastic drawer thingy that holds all my beads and string and clasps and such. Years ago I bought all this stuff to make bracelettes, keychains, necklaces, etc. Looking at the beads, you'd think I was an 8 year old who picked them out LOL. They are all these bright kid colors, so my girls just loved them. We had lots of fun making bracelettes and necklaces. Jessica wants to make a toe ring, so I'm going to have to figure that one out. She has a dolphin charm she wants to put on it. I'm thinking if I can find that really thin wire stuff I can work something out of it. Unless someone else has another suggestion?
I made myself a new lancet for my name badge. It's got red white and blue beads. I meant to make it longer, but started running out of the white beads, so I had to call it good at just long enough to fit over my head. I like it though. I also made myself two pairs of earrings. A red white and blue pair, and a black and silver pair. Nothing to jump over joy about, but it was fun. If the roads are ok tonight, the girls and I are going to go to Michael's and check out their bead supply, maybe see if they have something I can manuever a ring out of for Jessie, and some better stuff to make braceletts with. Does anyone else like to make jewelry with beads? Any fun ideas for little ones to do?

Monday, February 13, 2006

The results are in...

And they were NORMAL!!!!!! I did learn that had I taken the 1 hour test, I would have failed, so I'm glad I went ahead and did the 3 hour instead. And while I am considerably SHOCKED that it was normal, I am THRILLED! I can still eat all the yummy junk foods! :)

Remember when

You were pregnant? And you had to drink the nasty glucola drink? And it was nasty? Did I mention how nasty it is? I had to do that this morning. Blech! With Jessie and with Niff, I failed the 1 hour glucola test both times and had to take the 3 hour. This time, I skipped the 1 hour and went straight to the 3 hour. The 3 hour glucose tolerance test means you have to fast. Which is really hard. So I'm not reading Chef Messy's blog until after I'm done with all the blood draws, because she just makes me hungry LOL! Then you go in, get your blood drawn for the fasting draw, then guzzle the drink, of which mine was lemon lime today. Then at 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00, precisely on the dot, I'm to wander back into the lab for my blood draws. All this is to check for gestational diabetes. I will actually be quite surprised if I DON'T have it, since I failed it both times before, and now I have other factors involved, like having significant insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and when I was last tested for diabetes (before being pregnant) I was borderline. So, like I said, I'm pretty sure I'll have it. But let's hope for the best anyway! I'll note later how the test goes. I should have the results back this afternoon.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympics update

I have three hats down on my Olympic Knitting Challenge! I have been using Ken's Dulaan Hat pattern, as for now that's the only thing I have the needles for, out of the hat patterns I've picked that I like. Actually, I don't really have the needles for that one for the adult size. It calls for a size 12mm and I could only find a 10mm, so mine are turning out to be more infant/little head hats, which is fine. I figure there are all shapes of heads that can use the hats. The camera needs batteries, so no pics because I'm too lazy to change them.

We had an issue with our hermit crabs tonight. Well, only with one of them. Niff has finally gotten the courage to hold them and has been holding them quite a bit lately. Sure enough, the one named America because it was in a shell painted like an American flag (but she/he has since moved out and taken residence in a green seashell) was happily sitting in her hand when all of the sudden it pinched and held on for dear life. Niff said "Mom, she's pinching me, she's stuck." Then all of the sudden she was getting hysterical, so I tried to pull America off, to no avail. If anything I think that made her hold on tighter because Niff really started screaming after that. So I said to lay her hand flat on the floor, maybe we could get America to crawl off. That didn't work, and poor Niff....her whole body was just shaking. So we ran to the bathroom, plugged the sink and put water in it. I had her submerge her hand, crab and all, into the water, where the shell fills with water and the crab starts to come out (that's also how you can "bathe" them, if you're curious) and Niff pulled her hand out, Jessie returned the culprit to the "crabitat" tank and we doctored Niff's hand. She had little marks that looked like when someone bites you and leaves indents. No skin broken though, but we did put a bandaid on it, because, as you all who have little ones clearly know, bandaids make EVERYTHING better. Now the indents are gone and there's just a little red mark. Niff has declared she is never holding America again, but that she does still love her. From now on, she only wants to hold "Buggy" (who came in a shell painted like a lady bug) and "Squidward" (who isn't painted like Squidward from Spongebob, but it's just a cool name). So, needless to say, it was an interesting little event. I myself have chosen to not hold the little critters, even though I am the one that wanted them. I'm not so much worried about the pinching because most of the time they only pinch if they feel threatened (not sure what happened with Niff and America...) but mostly I just can't handle the feeling of something spiderlike crawling on my body. It makes me shudder to just think about it!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your knitting, Olympically challenged, or otherwise :)

Thursday, February 09, 2006


That's what my tire did today. While I was using it. On the freeway. Making it go 60 mph. Kablooie! Here's what happened.... I'm driving along, singing to the radio and all of the sudden it feels as though I'm driving a helecopter. What the heck? What's going on? I look in the rearview mirror and my car is shaking like crazy and the noise...holy cow! So I pull over to the far right shoulder, as I was in the far left lane. I was so freaked out that I didn't even bother to make sure the freeway was clear. Stupid, I know. But I had to get over and out of the way. Thankfully the freeway was clear enough for me to do that. I get out and look at the tire. The driver's side rear tire is completely shredded. Not even just a flat, but shredded like someone had put it through a grinder. There's rubber things hanging off the side, and I'm standing there, no coat (because I don't wear one...being pregnant and wearing a coat with me just don't work well together) trying to stand sideways so that people can see that a pregnant lady is stuck on the side of the road. Anyone stop? No. So I wait a few more minutes, still no one stopped. I thought I'd try to get in the car and just drive it to the nearest exit, which was just about 200 feet away, to get it off the freeway and find a phone, because of course I forgot mine on the couch as I walked out the door this morning. I got about 50 feet before I realized that wasn't happening. Pulled back over, got back out, stood there in pregnant position again. THREE HIGHWAY PATROL CARS PASSED ME AND NEVER STOPPED TO HELP! Not that it's their problem that I'm stuck on the side of the road, but they didn't have their lights on, they were going with the speed of the rest of the traffic and that made me figure they didn't have anywhere to get to in a hurry and they should have stopped. What if I caused an accident or something? Anyway, that frustrated me. I don't feel as if they were really "patroling" the highway. So finally this truck pulls up behind me and a guy gets out. He goes right to work helping me out, and seems to think nothing of it. I was so impressed. Now, I don't want you all to think that I hold it to the responsibility of the public to take care of me. I'm not like that at all. I just don't know how to change a tire. I plan to learn, that's for sure, but I just happen not to know right now, and had to depend on the kindness of someone else to stop and help me. This guy told me he saw me as he drove past before, but he was going to fast to stop so he got off the freeway, turned around and got back on to come help me. If that's not a good samaritan, I don't know what is. What a great man. His name is Jason and he never once made me feel like a stupid girl for not knowing how to change a tire. He was very polite and considerate that I had no idea what to do. He did the change, and as he was getting ready to swap tires, a highway patrolman finally stopped to see that we were okay. I believe this was a different one than the ones that had passed because as I looked in the windows of the other cars, the UHP drivers were all big guys (or seemingly so) and this was a little guy. He helped get us finished up, and stayed until Jason was just about finished, with his lights flashing so that people would know to be cautious. I appreciated that :) He was also a pleasant guy, and told me he hoped I have a better day.

So I called my husband when I got to work and told him what happened and said I'd be late coming home because I have to get a new tire. Blech. After thinking about it, I realize how lucky I am that I didn't lose control of the car and cause a huge accident. I've heard stories of how tires go out like that, the driver loses control and at 60 mph, that could have been me. Is it because I'm a good driver that nothing happened to anyone or to myself? I doubt that. I think I have an exceptional guardian angel.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yuck. Yuck yuck yuck!

I have this issue with my teeth. I tend to grind them in my sleep. Apparently during one of these grinding sessions I caused a tooth to crack. Not just a little one, but one that really hurt and you could see it when you looked in the mirror, and it goes through quite deeply. The dentist filed it down to see if that would help. It didn't. I still had extreme cold sensitivity. So I called to get an appointment for a filling and six weeks later I was able to get my tooth looked at again. I got it filled. She said "This is probably only going to be temporary, I think you'll eventually need a crown." I'm thinking "If you thought that to begin with they why not just do a crown?" But I said Ok and went on my merry way. Two or three days later the cold sensitivity was back, only much worse. And it would hurt sometimes even when there was no cold items or air or liquids touching the tooth. So I talked with a coworker and she recommended I go see her son in law, who is a dentist. I called them, and 9 days later was able to get a new patient appointment, and they gave me extra time. They basically booked the entire morning for me, since he's the only DDS in his practice. I thought that was pretty exceptional, since I was new and they don't know me from Eve. So I went in, eplained the situation, that the last dentist I went to recommended a crown, all the stuff I'd gone through, all the appointments. So he proceeds to check my teeth out. He started tapping them with the end of his knitting tool (tee hee hee, ok so it's a dental pick to him, but a knitting tool to those of us who really know better) and asking about pain, tenderness, etc. It started out ok, but as he worked his way towards the painful tooth, there were two before it that it just gradually started to hurt a little more. He said that indicated that there is nerve damage spreading and that while yes, a crown is eventually going to be necessary, a root canal was needed as well. He told me I could get the crown now and wait and see, but it would most likely need to be done, and then another crown, or something like that, or we could just do the root canal now and come back in a few weeks for the crown. Let me just say... I never wish a root canal on my worstest enemy. It was so awful. He had to keep numbing me because I could still feel it. I got sick while he was rooting around in my mouth, and had to mumble something about throwing up. But they were quick to aide and got me a garbage can, clean towels, paper towels and a fan. I told him how much I actually appreciated the garbage can instead of that little kidney basin that people normally give you and you try as hard as you can to make it hold everything LOL. Anyway, once all the novacaine and whatnot that he used to numb the area wore off, son of a monkey that pain was IN FREAKING TENSE! And I am the very first to admit that I am a huge baby when it comes to pain. Bring on the c-sections any day, I'd much rather deal with that pain. At least I can eat with those. LOL

So I just wanted to say, I hate root canals. I took Lortabl all night to help with the throbbing pain, so I was all doped up and got zilcho done in the knitting department. But being all doped up I guess I didn't care. :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A couple weeks ago my OB gave me some Tylenol 3 to take when my c-section incision hurts from braxton hicks contractions. It doesn't hurt with every one of them, but I do get a few that make the incision burn. So I took one the other night, and it didn't do anything. Didn't make me tired, didn't help with the pain, I might as well have had a tic tac. So I talked with our Nurse Practioner who said to try two at a time. So last night I tried two. It didn't make me sleepy, but it did help a little with the pain. However, I woke up this morning with my face looking like a caveman LOL. It was so puffy and swollen that my lips were ginormous and my husband thought I had a tooth infection or something. While I am having an issue with my tooth, it isn't infected as far as a I know, and it wasn't and currently isn't hurting. No foul odors coming from the tooth, no yucky tastes like I'd expect. So I thought and thought and thought about everything I ate yesterday, and I didn't try anything new. Except the Tylenol 3's. I asked our NP this morning if when I took one it wasn't a strong enough dose to cause a reaction, but what if I took two, could it then? She said that while what happened to me isn't a common allergic reaction to that medicine, that it most likely was that and not to take it anymore. So I looked in the mirror just now because my coworker said I had a bit of a red blotchy face. Sure enough, along with the still tingly feeling in my lips. I've taken my allergy meds, and I am able to take more tonight around 9, because it's only every 12 hours.

At any rate, I thought of taking a picture this morning so I could show you all how freakin hilarious I looked, but then decided against it. You'll just have to imagine it now :)