Knitting Kneedles

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Holy snow Batman!

I love the snow when it first falls. It looks so pretty. I don't mind driving in it all that much either. I just hate having to share the roads with other people who drive in it :) But looking at it, it just makes everything look so clean and pure. Granted 12 inches is a bit much in one day, but I won't complain. It's pretty! :)

Last night I got out my little plastic drawer thingy that holds all my beads and string and clasps and such. Years ago I bought all this stuff to make bracelettes, keychains, necklaces, etc. Looking at the beads, you'd think I was an 8 year old who picked them out LOL. They are all these bright kid colors, so my girls just loved them. We had lots of fun making bracelettes and necklaces. Jessica wants to make a toe ring, so I'm going to have to figure that one out. She has a dolphin charm she wants to put on it. I'm thinking if I can find that really thin wire stuff I can work something out of it. Unless someone else has another suggestion?
I made myself a new lancet for my name badge. It's got red white and blue beads. I meant to make it longer, but started running out of the white beads, so I had to call it good at just long enough to fit over my head. I like it though. I also made myself two pairs of earrings. A red white and blue pair, and a black and silver pair. Nothing to jump over joy about, but it was fun. If the roads are ok tonight, the girls and I are going to go to Michael's and check out their bead supply, maybe see if they have something I can manuever a ring out of for Jessie, and some better stuff to make braceletts with. Does anyone else like to make jewelry with beads? Any fun ideas for little ones to do?