Knitting Kneedles

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Olympic update

Sadly, my Olympic Knitting update hasn't changed from my last post....Niff got sick, then I got sick now Jessie and daddy are sick. We belong in the sick house. Thankfully I had Monday off for the holiday, so I'm only missing two days of work so far. But ew. I hate being sick. And I REALLY hate being sick while I'm pregnant because that just seems to make everything worse. I've been taking Nyquil, by orders of my doctor who states that it's fine because the alcohol content isn't enough to make a difference. I think it made me have a weird dream last night. I had a dream that my baby had died and that I had to have surgery to get him taken out, only it wasn't a c-section. I'm not sure what it was. And I had to have it done at Primary Children's Medical Center. The reason the baby had died was some chromosome issue they said. It was very disturbing. I woke up and laid there (I was on the couch, which is where I sleep while's not as hot in the living room as it is in my room LOL) and made sure that he was still moving around. He was, so I knew all was well. But ew. I hate those kind of dreams.

So at any rate, I have three hats done. And 7 more to do. And I can't even remember when the last day is. I'm still going to do as many hats as I can, and hope I get to my goal, but if I don't get it done in time for the Olympics to be done, I'll just have to be late. I'm such a big loser!!

Well, I've been up now about 45 minutes and am completely worn out. I shall go take another restypoo on the couch again.