Knitting Kneedles

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympics update

I have three hats down on my Olympic Knitting Challenge! I have been using Ken's Dulaan Hat pattern, as for now that's the only thing I have the needles for, out of the hat patterns I've picked that I like. Actually, I don't really have the needles for that one for the adult size. It calls for a size 12mm and I could only find a 10mm, so mine are turning out to be more infant/little head hats, which is fine. I figure there are all shapes of heads that can use the hats. The camera needs batteries, so no pics because I'm too lazy to change them.

We had an issue with our hermit crabs tonight. Well, only with one of them. Niff has finally gotten the courage to hold them and has been holding them quite a bit lately. Sure enough, the one named America because it was in a shell painted like an American flag (but she/he has since moved out and taken residence in a green seashell) was happily sitting in her hand when all of the sudden it pinched and held on for dear life. Niff said "Mom, she's pinching me, she's stuck." Then all of the sudden she was getting hysterical, so I tried to pull America off, to no avail. If anything I think that made her hold on tighter because Niff really started screaming after that. So I said to lay her hand flat on the floor, maybe we could get America to crawl off. That didn't work, and poor Niff....her whole body was just shaking. So we ran to the bathroom, plugged the sink and put water in it. I had her submerge her hand, crab and all, into the water, where the shell fills with water and the crab starts to come out (that's also how you can "bathe" them, if you're curious) and Niff pulled her hand out, Jessie returned the culprit to the "crabitat" tank and we doctored Niff's hand. She had little marks that looked like when someone bites you and leaves indents. No skin broken though, but we did put a bandaid on it, because, as you all who have little ones clearly know, bandaids make EVERYTHING better. Now the indents are gone and there's just a little red mark. Niff has declared she is never holding America again, but that she does still love her. From now on, she only wants to hold "Buggy" (who came in a shell painted like a lady bug) and "Squidward" (who isn't painted like Squidward from Spongebob, but it's just a cool name). So, needless to say, it was an interesting little event. I myself have chosen to not hold the little critters, even though I am the one that wanted them. I'm not so much worried about the pinching because most of the time they only pinch if they feel threatened (not sure what happened with Niff and America...) but mostly I just can't handle the feeling of something spiderlike crawling on my body. It makes me shudder to just think about it!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your knitting, Olympically challenged, or otherwise :)