Knitting Kneedles

Monday, February 13, 2006

Remember when

You were pregnant? And you had to drink the nasty glucola drink? And it was nasty? Did I mention how nasty it is? I had to do that this morning. Blech! With Jessie and with Niff, I failed the 1 hour glucola test both times and had to take the 3 hour. This time, I skipped the 1 hour and went straight to the 3 hour. The 3 hour glucose tolerance test means you have to fast. Which is really hard. So I'm not reading Chef Messy's blog until after I'm done with all the blood draws, because she just makes me hungry LOL! Then you go in, get your blood drawn for the fasting draw, then guzzle the drink, of which mine was lemon lime today. Then at 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00, precisely on the dot, I'm to wander back into the lab for my blood draws. All this is to check for gestational diabetes. I will actually be quite surprised if I DON'T have it, since I failed it both times before, and now I have other factors involved, like having significant insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and when I was last tested for diabetes (before being pregnant) I was borderline. So, like I said, I'm pretty sure I'll have it. But let's hope for the best anyway! I'll note later how the test goes. I should have the results back this afternoon.