Knitting Kneedles

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yuck. Yuck yuck yuck!

I have this issue with my teeth. I tend to grind them in my sleep. Apparently during one of these grinding sessions I caused a tooth to crack. Not just a little one, but one that really hurt and you could see it when you looked in the mirror, and it goes through quite deeply. The dentist filed it down to see if that would help. It didn't. I still had extreme cold sensitivity. So I called to get an appointment for a filling and six weeks later I was able to get my tooth looked at again. I got it filled. She said "This is probably only going to be temporary, I think you'll eventually need a crown." I'm thinking "If you thought that to begin with they why not just do a crown?" But I said Ok and went on my merry way. Two or three days later the cold sensitivity was back, only much worse. And it would hurt sometimes even when there was no cold items or air or liquids touching the tooth. So I talked with a coworker and she recommended I go see her son in law, who is a dentist. I called them, and 9 days later was able to get a new patient appointment, and they gave me extra time. They basically booked the entire morning for me, since he's the only DDS in his practice. I thought that was pretty exceptional, since I was new and they don't know me from Eve. So I went in, eplained the situation, that the last dentist I went to recommended a crown, all the stuff I'd gone through, all the appointments. So he proceeds to check my teeth out. He started tapping them with the end of his knitting tool (tee hee hee, ok so it's a dental pick to him, but a knitting tool to those of us who really know better) and asking about pain, tenderness, etc. It started out ok, but as he worked his way towards the painful tooth, there were two before it that it just gradually started to hurt a little more. He said that indicated that there is nerve damage spreading and that while yes, a crown is eventually going to be necessary, a root canal was needed as well. He told me I could get the crown now and wait and see, but it would most likely need to be done, and then another crown, or something like that, or we could just do the root canal now and come back in a few weeks for the crown. Let me just say... I never wish a root canal on my worstest enemy. It was so awful. He had to keep numbing me because I could still feel it. I got sick while he was rooting around in my mouth, and had to mumble something about throwing up. But they were quick to aide and got me a garbage can, clean towels, paper towels and a fan. I told him how much I actually appreciated the garbage can instead of that little kidney basin that people normally give you and you try as hard as you can to make it hold everything LOL. Anyway, once all the novacaine and whatnot that he used to numb the area wore off, son of a monkey that pain was IN FREAKING TENSE! And I am the very first to admit that I am a huge baby when it comes to pain. Bring on the c-sections any day, I'd much rather deal with that pain. At least I can eat with those. LOL

So I just wanted to say, I hate root canals. I took Lortabl all night to help with the throbbing pain, so I was all doped up and got zilcho done in the knitting department. But being all doped up I guess I didn't care. :)