Knitting Kneedles

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dream about Isela

Isela, I had a dream about you and your kids last night. I dreamt that we were finally meeting up. However, of all the places I had to go to meet you, this is the last place I thought I'd ever find you ;) You were in jail! I have no idea what you were in jail for, but they let you have your kids with you, and they were older. You told me the jail said you could bring anything you wanted from home to make your cell homier looking, and you had brought oak framed pictures of knitted things, lots of things to knit, and for some reason a live sheep. And you didn't have to wear the ugly jail clothes, you were wearing a floral print dress. I woke up thinking that was quite an odd dream and just wanted to share :)

In knitting news, you'll not be shocked that yet again I have no pictures. But this time it is because I am at work and have no camera :) I'm knitting another baby sweater and I'm messing around with knitting a pair of socks that I'm not following any real pattern to. We'll see how they turn out. I'm not sure who they are going to fit, either a large girl or a small footed thin calfed adult, or maybe somewhere in between. I'm using a feather and fan pattern and they are cuff down. And on size 1 needles, so it's taking me even longer than my normal slow knitting :) But the yarn they are in is really pretty :)

Anyway, that's all for now. Have a great day everyone :)